We love bullet vibrators because they are a staple in any toy collection.  Although many experienced toy users still have a favorite bullet vibe to use alone or with a partner, a bullet is one of the best beginner toys for women or couples... and there are quite a few ways for men to enjoy them, too!

They may come in a variety of sizes with different sleeves, but bullets don't usually come with instructions, so we wanted to give you all of the information you could possibly need to enjoy the most satisfaction from your bullet vibrator.


Why Do People Like Bullets So Much?

A bullet is a very versatile vibrator and can be used to stimulate many areas of the body (nipples, testicles, labia, perineum, perianal area, etc.).  However, they are most commonly used by women and couples for clitoral stimulation.  Did you know that only 20 percent of women are able to orgasm with penetration alone and most women need some sort of clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm?  If you are part of that 80%, you can increase your pleasure immensely -- alone or with a partner --  by using a bullet vibe.  Bullets are also compact in size and discreet in appearance.  For that reason, they are great beginner toys, very easy to introduce to couple's play and fun to take on vacation!


Quick Anatomy Lesson:  Locating Your Clitoris


If you are going to use your bullet for clitoral stimulation, this quick overview will help you learn how to locate and understand the structure of the clitoris.  The clitoris is located where the labia (vaginal lips) meet, above the urethra and vagina.  The button-like structure that you see is the external part. In fact, most of the clitoris is located inside the body and it is actually a much larger structure than it appears to be from what you are able to see!  In the picture below, you can see the whole structure!


For the majority or women, the clitoris is the key to sexual arousal and orgasm.  The clitoris is very sensitive, especially during sexual arousal when it is engorged with blood.  Some women prefer using vibrating toys next to or above the clitoris, whereas others prefer direct stimulation by holding the toy against the clitoris.  For direct stimulation, you will have to slide back the clitoral hood.  You may be surprised just how sensitive your clitoris is when fully engorged and exposed from beneath the hood! Some women enjoy the intensity of direct stimulation, while others find it too intense and not very pleasurable.

What is the Difference Between a Bullet and an Egg Vibrator?

The major difference is the shape of the toy: the egg typically has an oblong, spherical shape and the bullet is more slim and tapered at the tip (like an actual bullet). They both can be used for external clitoral stimulation.  Some women prefer the larger coverage area of the egg because they enjoy stimulation of the labia and clitoris at the same time.  Others prefer the more compact size of the bullet and find it easier to maneuver. Bullets and eggs are both considered compact or mini vibrators, since they are smaller than many of the larger vibrators that are meant to be the size and shape of a penis. Bullets and eggs are both portable, discreet and not too noisy, which makes them great for travel and nonthreatening when introduced to a partner.

What is the Difference Between Multispeed and Multifunction and Which One is Better for Beginners?

A multispeed bullet has a single control, which is usually a dial that goes from off to the highest level of intensity.  A multispeed bullet is great for experimenting with intensity because it is so easy to operate.  Some women are very sensitive and need light vibration, while others prefer intense and lasting vibration.  Some bullets have a high frequency buzz that creates a high pitched sound, almost like a bee buzzing.  Others have a lower frequency buzz that seems deeper and more intense.   A multifunction bullet typically has a push button control that can cycle through various functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation.  The first push of the button will typically produce a high frequency buzz that is not too intense (bzzzzzzzzzzzz), the next may be a steady buzz that is higher in intensity (BZZZZZZZZZZ), a third could be a low intensity, pulsing buzz (bzzzzz  bzzzzz bzzzzz), a fourth could have two lighter buzzes followed by a more intense one (bzzzzz bzzzzz BZZZZZ), and so on. Choosing the best bullet for you is based entirely on personal preference. You may want to start with a basic multispeed bullet like the Silver Bullet, a classic that is still a favorite because of its power and simplicity.  If different functions sound appealing to you, try the Impulse ® Ultra 7 Bullet ®, with seven exciting functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation. 


There are so many different bullets from which to choose, so use the Find-A-Vibe tool on calexotics.com to select the perfect Bullet for you!


Join us next week for Part II, where we will discuss:

  • How to Use a Bullet for Clitoral Stimulation?
  • How to Use a Bullet with a Partner?
  • Can a Bullet Be Inserted?


We will also highlight some bullets with special features like sleeves, heat and dual bullets.

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