You may have heard that CalExotics is partnering with Nich Hawk, star of the TV Show "Gigolos" to create a line of toys.


Would you ever consider hiring a gigolo?  In a way, doesn't that sound empowering, ladies? 


I'm married and certainly not wealthy enough to hire someone, but some day as a widow, with money to spare, having a dude at my beck and call...hmmmm...



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I'd hire Nick! haahha ;)

Hiring a Gigolo is empowering and can be therapuetic. If a woman is looking to feel special after a bad breakup, a companion can definitely allow her to feel pretty and get her mojo back.

Gigolos are great should you want to express yourself sexually in a way that you have not been able. They can live out the fantasy giving you the opportunity to control your sexual destiny.

They are not expense at all. You can find quality men for $100 an hour in Major Cities. The rate is lower because the competition is high.

I used to own an agency in Baltimore/DC and people from all walks of life hire them for many reasons. It was fun and I met some wonderful people.

So there is a lot of competition among gigolos, I guess because for a lot of men it's like living a fantasy.  I imagine not all gigolos are created equal, though.  Some are probably worth a lot more than $100 per hour!

The bests one are reviewed and can be searched online. I have a buddy that is very pricey but he provides an amazing experience. He is worth his weight in gold.

Price isn't the deciding factor for many patrons. You can have a man that is very expensive but really isn't attracted to Large women and the experience is bad. Or a gigolo that charges alot and is only trying to hustle so he can't perform when needed yet is charging alot of money.  Then there are the guys that just love women and feel that it is an honor just to serve them so they don't charge much. My cousin fits this category. Very attractive, articulate and educated but rather spend time with women that working a nine to five. 

I told the guys that worked with me, ' Everyone can't be Saks Fifth Avenue, There is always room for Target. ' 

But if you can splurge. Get the Rolls and Ride it all night long ! 

I was getting $400/hr in the late 80's and 90's


This is a very interesting question. As far as women go, I have always thought that women would not need to pay anyone as there are so many men to chose from who would be happy to provide them the service of free sex. However, I imagine that one of the best aspects of hiring a gigolo would be the idea of getting an expert whose job would be intense focus on being a great lover. 

That's exactly what I was going to say.  

With so many (overly) willing and (extremely) eager fellows that exist everywhere (especially on the internet), I can't imagine ever shelling out the cash for sex. 

I was a Pro Domme over a decade ago (no sex or "sexual touching") so I think that I would be more willing to pay for a BDSM session of some sort with someone who knows what they're doing rather then a bit of the old in out/in out from some guy who fancies himself a good lover. 

Thank you for your reply Alpha Harlot! Nice to hear that you felt the same way. I agree with you that paying for an experienced BDSM session or some other kind of "expert" makes sense - as opposed to someone who "fancies" himself a good lover. Well said.

Wow, I am living the the dark ages.  Never knew there was actually a place to call for service - knew about the female side because of TV, but didn't think that men had a "company" so to speak for work from.  and for sure if they looked like Nick, I would put in an order.  But seriously, how does one hook up with a network to find the right evening companion safely?

That's a great question!  A woman is likely to (and should) have more concerns about safety than a man who is looking for an escort.  Although I have read articles that describe gigolos as the "Loch Ness Monster of sex workers," there are web sites that promote various "male escorts" (not using the word "gigolo" and specifically stating that you are not paying for sex) including the one that advertises Nick's services.  However, it is difficult to judge how legitimate they are.  As far as I know, Angie's List does not have a male escort section. ;-) 

Hello Desiree,

     I would not hire a gigolo, unless I was making a movie. I think under the right circumstances it could be not only fun but beneficial. Hot men are fantastic to look at and even play with from time to time, but like with any man too much is not a good thing and you'd get sick of them just as easy no matter how soft they are on the eyes! Now my interest is highly peeked when it comes to this new toy line... cant wait to see what they come out with   =)



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