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The roof of Pier 1 Imports in Westwood in the middle of the day. It was the '70s, we were young, we were horny, we got spotted by the guys in a nearby coffee shop repairing their roof.

The next morning my paramour went on a coffee run for the store we worked at. She came back beet-red and said "I am NEVER going in there again!" Apparently her appearance led the people who did know about our adventure on the roof to tell the people who didn't know.


We are getting some great comments on facebook.

firing range at Camp Pendleton

An Insane Asylum

moving car, ladies room, cemetary, beach, bathroom at a party, airport, public park....

We love our fans!

The fans on facebook are the best LOL


 I will name a few places. 

Vanilla Places - Adult Theater , Park, Bar Darkroom 

Freaky Places - Airport Stall, Truck Stop , Library Closet , In my Office w/ the Supervisor , Vacant Hospital Room 

Being gay is one of the best things for me because I have had some amazing crazy sex. My personal favorite is the Truck Stop. The best sex in the truck, in the bathroom, in the woods outside of the vending area. I always smile riding down Highway 85 

The craziest place I have had sex was in the back parking lot of a church.

Couple of places....

The roof, (on a couch we took up to the roof) of a fraternity house at SMSU.  (Glad to see I'm not the only one loving rooftop sex!) 

Highway 70, west bound 143 during a traffic jam.  (No reason to waste time!)

Finally,  On a Harley at the Freedom of the Road Riders Rally.  It was a riding lesson, so to speak.  :D

I've got bunches of stories about crazy places I've had sex...

First one that popped into my head though was when I had sex in a mini van while it was rolling through a drive through safari at Six Flags. 

It was actually kind of a group situation.  One guy was driving, I was in the second row of seats with the guy that I was fucking and another one of my friends was in the third row seat taking care of another guy. 

The driver was super pissed that he missed out on the action so on the way home, my friend and I gave him a double blow job. :)

I love this question and have a story to tell. However, I can't claim this story as my own. A friend of mine had a great story and I thought it was worth telling (he will not mind as he is very proud of his unique experience). One evening this past summer, he drove his girlfriend down to the Marina on his motorcycle. They pulled onto the sidewalk and parked - right where people stroll to view the boats as they pull in and out of the harbor. They got off the bike and walked around while the sun set. Once the sun disappeared, they walked back over to the bike and he proceeded to lay her down on the motorcycle seat while they kissed passionately. Next, he pulled his pants down and her skirt up. The rest is history. I have always known him to be a bit of an exhibitionist, and it was certainly not a surprise when he told me that there were some people who continued to walk around the sidewalk while they had sex on the back of his motorcycle.  

I love the "friends" story Ryan ;)

Haha...I wish it was mine. I would take credit. I am afraid I am not quite that brave :)


I'm probably going to miss a few as I don't have my "list" in front of me... and yes, I have kept track.

  1. Beach during the day (took out my trench shovel and dug a hole approximately 6'x6'x5' deep and then put a large sheet over it that we took with us to the beach to sit on and made it look as though we were down by the water when we were in fact underneath it getting it on [I recommend if doing that again to go 7-8' in length though]).
  2. Roof top of a sub shop while the cops were parked below arresting someone.
  3. On top of a firetruck (Gloucester, MA.).
  4. YMCA basement
  5. fooled around (second base) at church. [I know, going to hell].
  6. On your partners kitchen table right before you get invited over for dinner.... let me tell you you'll have a shit eating grin on your face the entire time. Pass the gravy please?
  7. Library elevator.
  8. While she was driving.... I don't recommend this as I was almost decapitated in an accident. orgasms on the Highway can cause involuntary foot movement you don't want on the gas peddle.
  9. Train station waiting area roof.
  10. Ferris wheel.
  11. On the landlord car..
  12. 3rd floor balcony, we turned around and not only did we get to waive to an audience.. but the lights on the other side projected our shadows fucking on the other neighbors house to about 20' tall.

I had a thing for rooftops for a while. Like I said I know there are a ton I just cant remember but these are the one freshest in my memory.


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