i ask anybodi to think how we can do the perfect toy only with the tipe of materials that CaliforniaExotics own today.I imagine something interesting,and i believe its works.

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My perfect toy would have to be waterproof, a nice range of power and a good material. Silicone perhaps :)

Thanks Nichole.It's your photo?In this case you are a beautiful woman.I like you...r reply.But don't you think there is a better than that?Think:California Exotics own a lot of materials ,but they use for a single kind of toy a single kind of materials[silicone,TPR.,latex...]and is not good.If we combine at least 2 type of materials,is possibles to get a better toy.For example we combine silicone with this[see on Videos the movie and study the property of this amazing material]:http://www.clubcalexotics.com/video/masturbation-toy-for-men-from-s... is your turn to tell me how we doing that.Please use your imagination and wishes.

Combining 2 materials. Sounds interesting!

Yes my dear.Use this combination,only 2 materials,you can get an almost real toy,exactly on your dreams.It's very simple and I wonder way they didn't do it.

The perfect masturbation toy for men.


I would like a toy that is enclosed with a very sleek design that looks attractive similar to the tenga and vulcan. People want a toy that offers them discretion. Unfortunately, when the toy isn't enclosed, it becomes obvious to others what it is. I think this is apart of the reason men love the Fleshlight. It doesn't look like a sex toy.


I think the toy should be made with the FUTUROTIC  material since it feels like real skin. I prefer a sensation that mimics real life.


The toy would need to have internal ribbings that were very easy to feel or an inner design that borrowed from the travel jackmaster.


An ideal price would be $20 Retail. I have noticed that those masturbation toys around that price sell faster than those much higher even though they are the brand leader.

As someone who sells lots of masturbators, owns a masturbation club and writes on this topic, I have compiled what my customers and members have mentioned about products over my years of experience. 

This is very nice. Love the detail

Great ideas!  Wow, nice.  Since I don't have a penis I've always wondered exactly what guys want in a sex toy. 


Masturbation toys are my personal fetish. I have a rather hearty collection of them. Having used many of them, I can tell you what feels good. And with my buddies in the Jacks Club,they have pointed out things I overlooked. But in researching a new toy, it would definitely help to have a few men from the Jacks Community since masturbation is our primary method of sex. There are jacks clubs all over the world !  Here is my group - http://www.DallasJacks.com 

Take Care 

I want a toy that resembles real sex.  Material should be one that provides warmth and substance and pleasure.  It should be discreet and one that is easily portable (many people travel and it provides that comfort in hotels).  I am thinking something like Futurotic as stated above or a rubber or silicon.  

The cost should not exceed $50.00.  Most people have a stigma about sex and the cost is a huge deterent.  Decrease the cost and people are willing to take a risk on a lower priced item.  If they enjoy that one item, it opens up their minds and hearts to many more items.

I also think that many men would be willing to try sex toys that they can share with their partner.  Many would want to share that new experience and sensation wtih the person they care about.  So that toy should be one that can possibly be used by 2 people as well. 

Wow. Ryan I never considered the sensation to share it with a partner. Do you think it should be packaged with another toy? Or have the ability to be used at the same time with a person. 

I do agree about the price. Those guys that buy the more expensive toys are more advanced users. But the market it huge if they focus on designing something for newbies. 

Real sex is ideal. So I think a vibrating bullet could help with that detail. I agree with you on discretion. 


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