I have been researching anal for a long time now. Trying to find the best positions, lube, toys,etc. I have found that everyone is very different. Some people really don't like it at all. I work in an adult store, so I hear a lot of pro's and con's. What are some things that you like? And dislike, if any?

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I think the thrill of Anal is the physical stimulation. It feels great because the anus has an abundance of nerve endings that give pleasure. For me, anal brings another level of intimacy. I feel closer to my partner. 

Some don't like it due to the discomfort. That can be reduced with proper cleansing and an anal relaxer. If you don't have a few in your store, they are miracle workers helping to reduce discomfort and allow a person to feel the experience. 

Always use an Anal Douche before ..lol The Calexotics Anal Douche is great for newbies. 

I enjoy it to an extent. I sometimes get a feeling I don't like because it makes me nervous. I've don't the douche. I've even gone to the extent of eating light that day.

A massage is a great way to ease into anal play.  Always realize you don't have to go for full insertion every time. I wrote an article on this. 

Anal Sex Made Easy - http://dickztoyz.com/anal-sex-made-easy.htm

I'm very familiar with anal. The only issue I have is it gives me the feeling I gotta use the bathroom. I don't like that feeling. If I could make that subside I'd love anal.

I understand now. Its the feeling of fullness that does give that feeling of having to go. 

Since I'm the recipient, usually from my wife's strapon. I find lying on my back the most comfortable. Plus this gives me full access to her swaying tits and ease of jerking my cock while she pounds  me. We also enjoy a double dildo, me on my stomach one end in my ass as she rides me cowgirl on the other end.

Any kind of anal play requires patients, trust and communication. I find the biggest mistake that is made is the decision to experiment with anal is made in the split second of coitus and it ends up in the penetrator just trying to jamb it in causing the receiver to not be at all ready fro anal penetration which ends up causing pain, discomfort and an overall bad experience. There are two muscles; the inner and outer sphincter. These muscles need time to relax before any kind of anal penetration is going to be in the maximum comfort zone. But plugs are great to get those muscles warmed up and relaxed during foreplay and traditional intercourse and can simply be removed before you start anal penetration. Bar none our favorite lube is the Anal Lube from Cal Exotics as it is thick, super slippery for a long time and comes in cherry scent too. I personally am a fan of the receiver to be on top so they are able to guide themselves and move at a penetrative pressure that is best for them. whether you are lowering yourself or just receiving it is vitally important to communicate and make sure the penetrator knows how you feel and when to move. Once the penetrator has passed both the sphincters it's time to go into a holding pattern so those muscles adjust. Thrusting immediately is going to cause discomfort. Hold it in place until the receiver is ready, then start slowly continually adding lube or spritzing it to reactivate. Once the receiver is ready they will let you know. It should not hurt. Pain is your body telling you something is wrong.

I love anal but rarely get it from my partner.  So it is always me with toys.  I love double penetration, for me it is the maximum stimulation simultaneously.  So I am looking for the best combo of toys, any suggestions?

If you want to use an anal toy along with your partner or favorite vibrator, try something from the Booty Call Collection.  The Booty Rocket is a great choice and when combined with a Jack Rabbit or other dual motor toy, you may achieve the maximum, simultaneous stimulation you desire! 

The Waterproof Crystal Flex ® Vibrator is a real classic when it comes to tri-point stimulation (simultaneous clitoral, vaginal and anal), but there is also the newer Triple Orgasm collection that has some amazing options. Some couples like the Double Diver because it has a flexible penetrator that moves with him and provides double penetration for her. 

As you see, there are many choices depending on how you want to use the toy. :-)

We offer a ton of anal products. These range from small to large, vibrating to non vibrating and much more. You can see all of our items on our website: http://www.calexotics.com/c-274-anal-toys.aspx


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